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Hand stamps

Ultra-strong hand stamps with indelible ink! Reiner stamps are German-made, Mauquoy is the importer.

Their frame and mechanism is metal making them suitable for daily use. The counter mechanism in these appliances triggers automatically. All Reiner stamps use indelible oil-containing ink. You can order a number of these models online below.

Automatic numbering stamps (without text)

These are self-inking numbering stamps from Reiner without a text plate. They only stamp a number. The numbering mechanism in these appliances triggers automatically.

Automatic date stamps (without text)

These are date stamps without text plate. Just like the other types they are self-inking and use oil-containing ink. The date must be manually changed.

Automatic date and numbering stamp (without text)

The high quality Reiner range also includes hand stamps with an automatic mechanism to mark both the date and number. They are self-inking and have the same robust metal structure.

Automatic numbering stamps with text plate

With these types you can also have a personalised text engraved. 

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