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Trodat stamps

  • Trodat
  • Trodat

We are an accredited distributor of Trodat®. Examples of these stamps are text stamps, date stamps (with or without text) or number and dial-a-phrase stamps.  You can also set your stamps yourself. Available as single-coloured or multi-coloured stamps.

Our range includes the following Trodat lines:

  • Professional: professional office stamps for standard use. Ergonomic, reliable and clean. 
  • Printy: the stamps for in the home and on the way.
  • Classic: simple and traditional. These stamps are used with an extra stamp pad (ink pad).
  • Typomatic: combines the advantages of the ideal office stamp with the possibility of setting each stamp text yourself and changing it at any time. Available in the Professional and Printy line.

The stamps have a replaceable ink pad or are self-inking.

Multi-colour impression stamps allow printing in a multiple of colours with the same stamp impression.

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