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How is a medal made?

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How is a medal made?
How is a medal made?

When designing a medal one can start in different ways:

  • A design by an artist: A sculptor creates a real 'sculpture' of a portrait, an object, a landscape, building, text, etc. A negative version is made of this sculpture in plaster. This negative is used on our traditional reduction benches to engrave the mould for striking the medal.
  • A digital design: One can also start with a digital design that will be used to engrave the mould. Here one can choose between 2D, 2.5D or 3D. With 2D there are two relief surfaces, with 2.5D there are a multiple of relief transitions, while with 3D the relief is three-dimensional.
  • Reverse engineering: We can also start with an existing medal which we digitally scan. After adaptation this is engraved in the mould.

As soon as the mould has been engraved, it is hardened and one can start striking the medal.

The striking of the medal takes place in a multiple of phases. After each strike the disk is made red hot before proceeding with the following strike. After striking the medal is turned on a lathe to obtain its round shape. Then after sandblasting the medals are ready for finishing: bronze-coating, silver-coating or gilding. Finally they are varnished so the attractive finish remains guaranteed.

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